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We are fully insured and fully licensed company based in Des Moines IA. Our tree services company is engaging to providing you with the highest-level tree services, including tree trimming, tree cutting, stump grinding and more for your ownership. We approach every job with the utmost level of care and professionalism that we would use on our own trees.

“Looking for Qualified CDL Bucket Truck Operators for Spring Time”

by CJ Johnston on Top Notch Tree Care
Great job - AGAIN!

Top Notch has been doing all sorts of landscape jobs for me for several years. Rod just thinned out my big ash tree and applied a treatment that will hopefully save it from that pesky Emerald Ash Borer. (Fingers crossed!) He also trimmed some big bushes back away from my house and removed a couple more. Pricing is competitive. When Top Notch leaves my property, you can't tell they've been there because they clean up every twig. Great job, Rod and crew! I'll call you again. And again. And again. :+) CJ Johnston, Ankeny

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Our attempt has made us a household name that is known for professionalism, and to show it, we offer you a 100% gratification guarantee on every design services that we do. We are not happy until you are. If you want your ownership to looks good, we are here to make it happen.

Top Notch Tree Care
Address: 3144 Raccoon St Des Moines, IA 50317
Phone: (515) 205 – 1474

In this day we often do not have the patience or time to support our tree’s and property. Top Notch Tree Care is here to help. If you are wanting to pine up your yard for that prospective party put our skilled staff of Top Notch Tree Care to work for you.

Our company provides a variety of tree services that may better the quality, appeal and value of your property. From tree cutting of the tree’s engrained in the problem area’s, to the trimming and maintenance of the existing ones, our professionals can do it all. You will be pleased with our finished result!

Frequently we are asked why renovating ones tree’s and property’s are so important. With so many houses foreclosed and for sale in this market, with the value of our homes at a low, you want to make secure your property stands separately. Buyers want to be able to see themselves living in the homes they are looking for. The last thing they want to see is a court yard full of trees that need removed or renovation – for all of that contact us and we will help you.

Professional Tree Care

Well maintained trees improve the appearance of a property and increase its value. That’s why you should deal with a professional tree maintenance company when it comes to getting tree care services. Your property’s tree service is not something to be trusted in the hands of an unreliable or inefficient company. When you’re ready to hire for this valuable service, allow Top Notch Tree Care to be on your side. We have been providing tree care services for residents of Des Moines, IA for many years and have built a high reputation in the industry. We have great expertise in the tree maintenance field and we can provide you with the best techniques and equipment available.

Professional Tree Cutting

Here at Top Notch Tree Care, we are high quality of preparation in the practice of tree cutting. We have the experience, expertise, and working knowledge necessary to handle any tree cutting project in Des Moines, IA and surrounding areas. But for us, simply cutting a tree is not enough. During the process, we strive to cause as little trouble to your property as possible. In addition, we thoroughly clean up after each project. We know that you spend time and money to keep your property good-looking, which is why our objective is to leave it looking as good or better than it did before we began.

Professional Tree Trimming

At Top Notch Tree Care we are well versed in the complex art of proper tree trimming.At Top Notch Tree Care we are well versed in the complex art of proper tree trimming. We have the expertise necessary to undertake any tree trimming projects in Des Moines, IA and 75 mile radius.

We have a deeper understanding of branch attachment and tree biology, and are condition to predict a tree’s response to trimming cuts. Furthermore, our knowledge is differentiated between mature trees and young trees since trimming techniques and goals are different for each. For full-grown trees, we often concentrate on reducing possible hazards and maintaining a strong tree. For younger trees, our focus largely centers on improving the structure of the tree by removing multiple leaders and weak attachments, so that the tree has a strong basis from which to grow.


Offering state of the art track lift designed to fit through gates with minimal damage to yards for those hard to get to places where the big equipment doesn’t have access.  This vehicle has working height up to 60 feets.

If you need a tree services

call us on (515) 205 – 1474!

So whether, you have a simple tree cutting, tree trimming or stump grinding task or a complex, multiday tree services project, contact Top Notch Tree Care today for a free estimate! We will send one of our fully licensed workman to meet with you in order to determine which trees need to be removed and to help formulate the best plan of action.



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